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Tunnel Advertisement System


TAS (Tunnel Advertising System) is an imaging system which creates advertisement screens on the dark side of tunnel with hundreds of LED bars installed on the wall of the tunnel.

Each LED bar creates one frame of the content, which results in very simple and low cost tunnel advertising media.

TAS has shown the highest recall rate among major advertisement media and provided high profitability to both of system operator and clients.

Features of TAS Technology

- 10 ~ 20sec play time (depend on # of LED bars to be installed)

- 24 ~ 36 frames/sec (depend on # of LED bars to be installed)

- High resolutions up to 1024 x 512 (H x V)

- High stability of image location(Swaying +-5cm from the center under train speed’s variation

- Tracking to train speed variations in real time

- Changeable aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3) without letter box

- Unique cluster structure for adaptive to various tunnel environment

- Remote system control and maintenance


INNOVEX and ADTRACKMEDIA work strategically together for global success in TAS business by making the best efforts on each part to support each other.

Present State and Future of TAS

Installed and operating 7 systems in Seoul, Madrid and Sao Paulo

Targeting installation of up to 300 systems in the major cities around world

TAS System Test

TAS System Test Video

TAS Inroduction Video